Sunday, June 14, 2009

classic film weekend

i spend this weekend to stayed at home and watch a lot of film from my friend. so i put my laptop and lay on my bed with a big brak nachos. eat like pig and forget with my diet program. until now.
so, i watched this 3 film (marathon) :

and this gonna be my inspirations for the next iseng-iseng project mmmm

yeah. after the sadistic and bloody film, i need something to cheers myself. im sick with drama, or love story. next round i choose:

pop culture and psychedelic feel so strong . will make you happy and get euphoria like using LSD lol

after get euphoria alone and get drunk with psychedelic graphic, i watched to end my day with peacefuly and romantic ( ca e lah). guess what?

how can a high class slut life story look so fabulous and adorable? only in breakfast at tiffany


  1. lin lu mesti nonton blow.
    yg main johnny depp.

  2. gw da ntn semua kecuali yellow submarine , i love wizard of gore, not the new one thou ,

  3. gue blom ntn yang baru dip
    jelek ya yg baru?

  4. bagus lin...
    lebih guna daripada maen poker..